Brand strategy

Brand strategy is not about making something new, but digging for the things that are deep inside. Identifying your brand isn’t a revolution. It’s highlighting the elements of your DNA that best show who you really are as an organization.

The process makes sure that all future designs fit to your brand. It’s about consistency with consequence.

It’s about finding the characteristics of the company. And it’s there already, it just needs to be found.

Our brand strategy process

1. DNA 1. DNA

1. DNA

What are you made of? This is the digging. It’s just as important to discover what you are not, as well as what you are.


2. Brandkey 2. Brandkey

2. Brandkey

Finding balance. What are the key values that came up in the session? How do we bring balance to these elements, and highlight the most important ones that distinguish you from the rest?

3. Archetypes 3. Archetypes

3. Archetypes

Brands are just like people; they have motives and ambitions. Archetypes are distinguished from each other by their own set of motives and ambitions. Thinking from archetypes contributes to an unambiguous message and consistent implementation of the strategy, helping build strong and meaningful brands.

4. Brand compass 4. Brand compass

4. Brand compass

A short summary of who you are. A time for recognition. Something that when you read it, you instantly recognise your brand…yourself.