Design is the visual translation of an idea. Whether that comes in the form of a brand, identity, website, animation or interior, it is about communicating visually. Design is an umbrella term that covers many things, as does Vanille Design.

Through our years of experience we have developed a process that uncovers and highlights the importance of your company and brand through visual representation.

We experiment and explore with pure creativity, chasing distinction as we go.

Our design process

1. Understand 1. Understand

1. Understand

First we must understand. Really understand the question. This is about putting ourselves in your shoes. In your clients shoes.

2. Research 2. Research

2. Research

Experimentation, looking, reading, finding. This is the stage where get the feeling. Without the “Feeling” we cant make something that fits you. How can we possibly understand what you need, if we don’t know who you are?

3. Creation 3. Creation

3. Creation

Our goal is to deliver something to you that isn’t surprising… even if it is something you don’t expect, it just feels right. You couldn’t visualise it, but when you do see it, you know it’s exactly what you needed.