Internal branding

How can you, as a leader, set a vision for your company that is actually carried out by your people? By building pride in what they do and through understanding the values of the company. 

It’s not just about giving a list of words to your team and expecting them to feel it, it’s about building values that everyone in your organisation believes in.

Better still: use the full power of your team to define what your values really are.

Our internal branding process

1. Clarity 1. Clarity

1. Clarity

Finding clarity in the values and brand. It’s about bringing context to the values, so that this can be clearly communicated to your team. When successful, every team member should be able to communicate the essence of your organisation in their own words.

2. Depth 2. Depth

2. Depth

The brand needs meaning. It needs depth. This is the step when you stop understanding the brand, and start feeling it. What does the brand mean to you as an employee?

3. Experience 3. Experience

3. Experience

How do these values apply to the daily work, and to that of the team members? You will start to recognise places and patterns where you can really start to let these values shine.

4. Solidified 4. Solidified

4. Solidified

Systematic application of the brand without even realising it. That is when you know that your internal branding has been fully integrated into your organisation… When your employees become powerful ambassadors of your brand.